2016 BunduCamp Spotlight

There is no better flattery than positive word association, this is true for anything from your reputation to products and services on the market today. We ALL rely on word of mouth to help decide on what products we want to purchase for our everyday use. During the Overland Expo West located in Flagstaff Arizona this past May, we had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Smith (aka Mello Mike). Mike runs the online magazine called Truck Camper Adventure, he travels the country writing about products he enjoys, things he has tried and new products he feel are an asset to the truck camper and off road industry.

We had the pleasure to give him a grand tour of our facility where he met with Rory to discuss our company. One model that Mike was particularly interested in, which also made its appearance at the Overland Expo was the 2016 BunduCamp. This pop-top model can not only be converted into a Hardwall floor plan but it is the perfect unit for traveling across country to visit all the off-road places any 3/4 ton truck will take you. Beings as it was a show unit, we equipped it with all the latest and greatest upgrades and accents we have to offer.

Check out the full “In the Spotlight” article review done by Mello Mike as well as all the other great content on the Truck Camper Adventure website!

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