A Birthday Tradition

A Birthday Tradition

For as long as I can remember, it has been a tradition that Rory goes camping for his birthday! Since Rory’s birthday falls in the late part of October, it is safe to say he gets into some cold weather camping situations!

The past couple of years, he has had to put Rory Camping 11.2016this tradition on hold as he has started BundutecUSA and has spent a ton of man hours to help make the company shine. As we continue to grow, Rory decided to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we have been having to go camping for his birthday! We have had strange year this 2016, Iowa experienced very late season flooding: the first time it has EVER happened in the month of October! so… getting out to his favorite fishing location was a challenge, with the river levels high, he had to postpone his trip to ensure it would be optimal weather for him to go. 

This leads us to the weekend of November 5th… Yes, you read that correctly, don’t adjust your glasses or computer screen. We finally had the river in its banks and sunny skies forecast to get Rory to enjoy some much-needed time off with a weekend at the river! 

He spent the weekend with his loyal companion Izzy and his lovely wife Ginny, the 3 of them headed to Desoto Wisconsin for some R & R with fishing during the day and enjoying a fire by night. 

The trip, went off without a hitch! They left early Saturday morning to arrive at the campground mid-morning. Since Rory travelsRory Camping 10.2016 in the BunduCamp SB, set up was a breeze and camp was set with the boat in the water in no time. Enjoy. As you can see, being so late into the camping season, it is near empty with fellow campers. Rory reported that Blackhawk Part, an ACE campground becomes a free camp site starting November 1st. They lock up the shower house, close the non-electric camping areas and the main river ramp was pulled. Even with these changes the campground still has electrical service and a boat ramp is still available for duck hunters and campers to use. Here are some photos of the camp site as they are set and ready to hit the water! 

Rory Camping 10.2016 Rory was disappointed that he didn’t bring his 110 cord but not thinking power would be available doesn’t stop BundutecUSA customers. Our fully self-contained BunduCamp SB is great for just these types of camping situations. Equipped with the 20-pound LP Bottle, 30-gallon water tank and 160-watt solar panel on the roof; he can truly camp anywhere! It was a beautiful vantage point even though the leaves are mostly gone.

The first day on the water wasn’t a bad one, they took a boat trip down river to Lansing to fish his favorite spot but found the swift moving water filled with grass and leaves which made it hard to get any hits. They spent most the day in the backwaters of Desoto Bay, enjoying the eagles that flew overhead aRory Camping 11.2016nd reeled in large-mouth bass, yellow perch, blue gill and crappie’s.

The evening was spent by the fire, where Izzy enjoyed the peaceful cool air and Ginny enjoyed a good book, while Rory cooked dinner over the open flames. Apparently, the mosquitoes didn’t get the message about it being November and Rory said they were out heavy and were fierce enough to break through his clothing.  

Sunday morning found temperatures just above freezing but sunny. After a nice breakfast, they headed back to the river to try for walleye. Just upstream from Blackhawk Park, the Turkey river meets the Mississippi. They found the walleye but they were all to small. Just ½ mile upstream he found more and landed the fish of the day,Rory Camping 10.2016 A 22” walleye and a couple of jumbo perch! On the way back to camp, all the crappie holes were taken with bass. The bass were on the feed and you could catch as many as you wanted. All bass are catch and release for Rory but the tug on the line is always fun.

Hopefully Rory can have a couple nice weekends to get out and enjoy some time away from the office on the river before the snow starts to fly and the river freezes over. Once that happens, it is ice fishing gear time and he will find a way to hit the ice and reel in more fish of the day!

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