Annex with Canopy and Panel $500

Our Added Room follows the same product guidelines – ease of use.

It offers a private entry to your tent and keeps off the rain.

It has openings on each side at the top which due to it’s nature cannot be permanently closed.

The side panel used to enclose it is a basic design that offers privacy and ventilation.

It was also designed to be easy to use and remove and does not offer any luxurious trimmings, but rather a straightforward design with utility in mind.

The Added Room comes in a standard size and a custom size for longer BunduTops.

PLEASE NOTE however that it can’t be manufactured smaller than our standard size.


You Will Receive:

  • 1 x Long Rope Guide Extrusion
  • 2 x Short Rope Guide Extrusion
  • 2 x Rods
  • 1 x Round Tube
  • 1 x Added Room Roof
  • Side Panel Optional


Pros & Cons


  • The added room offers shade, keeps off rain and offers a private entry to your tent when utilising the side panel.


  • It absolutely cannot be closed entirely where the top of the added room goes under the tent awning. There will be a small opening.

How Tos

  • Step 1:

    Mount the long Rope Guide Extrusion on the edge on TOP of the BunduTop

    The Added Room will slide into this slot.

    Step 2:

    Mount the two short Rope Guide Extrusions on the sides of the BunduTop, one to each side.

    When open the rods will slide into the guides.

    BunduTec-Added-Room-Rope guide extrusion

    Rope guide extrusion

    Step 3:

    Slide the Added Room into the top long Rope Guide.

    Knot each end so that it will stay in place and cut off any extra length rope. You can glue the rope as well as an extra safety measure against the knot untying.

    Unzip the bag and unroll the canvas.

    Step 4:

    Lift the BunduTop until it is about half way open.

    This is to assist with inserting the rods – it keeps the mass of canvas out of your way and makes the process easier.

    Step 5:

    Fit the Rods into the holes on the Tube, and then slide them into the Rope Guide on the sides.

    Step 6:

    Open your BunduTop completely.

    You can now fit the Side Panel to the Added Room if necessary.

    BunduTec-Added-Room-add another rivet

    Quick Tip: Add another rivet or bolt to hook the loops onto to keep your Added Room’s sides taut.