African Safari

This is my mom, telling you to go out and explore

What do you think about when I mention camping? Is it air conditioning and watching tv in a glamper? Or is it something like….

Total credit to the amazing photography of Martin Rautenbach, owner of Bundutec

Yea…that’s more like it. When my dad decided to start this new camper adventure it was all about freedom to camp. The freedom of getting off the main roads and into more remote areas that really get you back to nature. Which is one reason he decided to team up with Martin’s Bundutec. Well, that, and it’s *awesome*.  In fact, he just returned from his second trip to South Africa, where he met up with Martin and his family to take a little adventure.

A little shameless promoting while giving you a glimpse of Africa.

They stayed and wandered around in the Kruger National Park, a 7,500 square mile game reserve. To compare sizes, it’s slightly smaller than New Jersey. They did a self drive safari for 2 weeks,  touring the park, spying on animals, and camping.  Kruger has camping sites placed all over, but you have to be in by a certain time at night. No night time safaris for you, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to. #DeathWish. Even so, there are a few animals that will sneak up to your campsite to become cute little beggars.

The absolutely awesome (and slightly terrifying) thing is that because it’s a reserve, it’s the animals territory. Besides the camp sites, I mean. Sure there are some paved roads, and “safe” sites where you can get out of your vehicle:      

But most of the reserve the animals roam free. Free to attack the shit out of you if they so please. It doesn’t happen often, I googled it, and in most instances it was a reserve employee getting attacked, not a guest.  I know what you’re thinking; Lions. Because cats are assholes. 


You’d be wrong. Not about the cat thing, but the attacking thing.

That award goes to…drumroll please…

Ok, I admit, that little guy probably won’t attack you, but he has parents, and they have no qualms about it.

Yea! Hippos and elephants.  Apparently they are very territorial and will chase the life out of you. I can see elephants stomping after you, but hippos? All I can picture is a huge round hippo, stomping and  clomping after you, yelling “GIVE ME YOUR MARBLES!!”  I’m sure if it happened in real life, I would scream and be terrified, but for now I can giggle. 


This is what Bundutec and BundutecUSA is made for. Getting out and exploring places you never would get to see with a huge camper on the back of your truck. Getting to take the well beaten path and see things you only see in travel magazines. We are slowly getting back to the basics, and seeing more and more people coming back with us. It’s a great stress reliever in a now crazy world, not to mention a lot of fun. So get out there people! Get in your BunduTops or Bundutec campers and go see lions! Or just squirrels….with us it’s kind of a choose your own adventure.


All photos are from Rory's trip and was taken by him!

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