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Rory's camping trip last Fall. Our mascot Izzy in the background being a potato.

Woooooo! It’s been a long year and a half since we wrote anything. We have gotten busier and busier! And that is ok. We are working hard to make your dream campers a reality.  Each camper is a little different from the last, while some are just unique. 


Being such a small business, we only have 4 people on the line including Rory, we stay extremely busy trying to keep up with all of our new orders. We can’t believe how our little company has grown in such a short amount of time. We have more and more people calling, stopping by, talking to our customers, asking about our products! It’s exciting!

As much as we love working, we love camping too. We have made it to a couple of the Expo shows, which let us get into our campers, get out on the road and camp at some great spots. I say we, but I really mean Rory, his wife and daughter, and Jenn. I, the other daughter, am sadly left behind to watch the shop. Huge sad face. (Just joking, I usually hold big raves while everyone is gone. Next time, you’re invited! *Jazz hands*)

We are always looking for more sites to check out, so leave a comment with your favorite place and maybe we could check it out next summer! It’s one day before Fall and Iowa can’t seem to make up her mind on the weather. Yesterday it was sunny and a high of mid 90’s, today it’s cloudy (meatballs may or may not be included), and windy with only a high of 63.  So no camping for us this dreary weekend.

Jenn is off on her own adventure. She has selfishly taken two weeks off to roam Yellowstone Park while I am left confused and not having one clue on how to do her job. Rude. She has been keeping us updated through our Facebook page with random pictures she has taken along the way.

C.J, I've a feeling we're not in Iowa anymore
The rolling valleys of...I have no clue where she is...

If you want to follow her journey, follow BundutecUSA on Facebook.  I am sure she will be posting more and more, trying to make everyone jealous that we aren’t her right now. 

Just as a little side note: Today is the 81st anniversary of the first publication of quite possibly the best adventure ever; The Hobbit. Tomorrow is Hobbit Day. Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday! So may your weekend be full of Hobbiton goodness! 

I suppose that is enough for now, I just wanted to possibly get this blog back up and running. Keep all our adventuring peeps up to date with random information and cool stories. If you have an idea for a topic, or if you have a question, possibly a story to tell… maybe you just want to say hi, I don’t know your life… drop a comment! Have a happy Friday and go have an adventure!

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