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When it comes to camping, my wife and three boys have just about done it all. We’ve had a travel trailer and a Class C RV. We’ve owned and used several different types of tents and various sleeping arrangements. Nothing seemed to feel right. My friends were getting into the Roof Top Tent craze but the thought of hauling three young boys up and down a ladder seemed daunting at best. During my “Perfect RV” quest, I kept hearing from people of the fond memories they had in a truck camper. I became intrigued and the search began. Bundutec USA popped up on my radar during an internet search for “Overland Truck Campers.” What attracted me initially was the base price and the included features. Bundutec USA considered standard what most in their category charge as extras. The affordability also give us room to add additional options like a Truma Combi Heater/Water Heater. This option alone is worth it’s weight in gold. The relationship with Jenn and Rory at Bundutec USA began around 8 months before Overland Expo West 2018 with the goal of taking delivery at the Expo. Not only was it ready as promised, they went out of their way during the process to make sure every question, idea or thought was answered. Jenn and Rory are truely customer satisfaction oriented. An example of this was a minor repair was needed 6 months into our use. Not only did the design of the camper make the repair super simple but Rory insisted that he pay for the $10 part that needed replacing. For the past 8 months, we’ve gone on 6 camping trips. The camper is everything we wanted and then some. The Zamp Solar keeps us powered up with ease. The Truma Combi is nearly silent during operation and the memory foam bed is the most comfortable we’ve been while camping. The custom floor plan we have has a couch/bed conversion with a bunk above that. Our young boys occupy those spots. We have the queen above the cab. It works for us but we’re really only inside to sleep. The only Cons I can think of are true for any truck camper. When we carry our bikes on the hitch bike rack, we have to take the bikes off the rack in order to get inside the camper. And we still haven’t figured out a way to take our dogs. The best review I can give comes from my ever so reluctant wife. She was very skeptical about what I had gotten us into. Now, she’s said it’s the best and most comfortable camping arrangement we’ve had. We will be using this for our family adventures for years to come.
Mike C
FREE Owner
This company represents the future of truck campers. Careful design, cutting edge components, quality construction and excellent customer service. We purchased a custom built BunduVry hard side and it is perfect.
Patrick Smith
BunduVry Owner
Rory and Jenn are great to work with. Rory entertained my bazillion questions about the BunduTop and solar panels. As a result I believe I made a great choice and Rory did an outstanding job of installing the Zamp 160W panel to the top. Jenn was equally outstanding. She was most helpful in answering questions and making arrangements for installation and delivery. A great team with a great product!
Jon Hubbard
BunduTop Owner
"BunduCamp truck Campers are by far one of the very best. Rory Willett is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to build campers that last. Don't be fooled, all truck campers are not the same."
Steven Abbate
"After attending several industry shows, I purchased what I believed to be the best roof top tent. After using other roof top tents I wanted something better. I wanted a tent that was easy to set up and take down and one that could withstand any weather condition. The Bundutop not only met my requirements but exceeded them. It takes about 30 seconds to set up and take down and withstands any weather condition that I encounter. It is comfortable and cozy for my wife and I. The price is way better than the competition. The Bundutop has really enhanced our outdoor experience. "
Bill ErdKamp
BunduTop Owner
"The owner RORY is always about safety and takes time to make things right and takes pride in his work. Their secretary and second hand is amazing. She finds what works best and is upbeat and cares about their customers. I love my new Camper that is my winter home in Texas for 5 months. Thanks RORY and JEN for accommodating my needs and my amazing Camper."
Teresa Morris
Truck Camper Owner
"Nice Website! That is all =)"
Decades of knowledge & experience! Simply Can not be beat on any level!
"Hi Jenn, Rory, Just a note to express my appreciation and gratitude for providing Diane and I such a great camper. We absolutely love it and are super stoked to hit the road with it. We are still figuring out optimal loading configurations but it has exceeded our expectations at every turn. In terms of performance, comfort, size, convenience, and quality....we couldn't ask for anything more. "
Mike R
RipTide Owner
"I've had my BunduKort for almost a year. Just came back from 2 weeks truck camping the Baja. My truck camper is the envy of many people, see pics on website. Great Construction, rugged with luxury, and have it rigged for adventure and self sustaining especially with my portable solar unit. Rory and Jenn have gave it the personal touch of caring and support that makes me glad I bought from them. There has been a few opportunities and they have reacted quickly to take care of them. Again, I highly recommend the product and service."
Ray P
BunduKort Owner
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