Roof top Tents

"The best offroad vehicle you can own is the one you have as long as you can hit the road and see places you haven'ts seen before, then that's as good as it gets"
~Martin Rautenbach


This MANUAL roof top tent operates with a clever mechanical design to assist with the pitching and lowering of the tent. Being a hard shell, it has no dust cover so you are ready to go from the start!


The only tent of it's kind on the market, with entry from any side. The canvas on the outside and mesh on the inside, it allows you to leave windows open for ventilation while in rainy weather.

Customer Photos

"Rory and Jenn are great to work with. Rory entertained my bazillion questions about the BunduTop and solar panels. As a result, I believe I made a great choice and Rory did an outstanding job of installing the Zamp 160W panel to the top. Jenn was equality outstanding. She was most helpful in answering questions and making arrangements for installation and delivery. A great team with a great product!"
Jon Hubbard
BunduTop Owner
“After attending several industry shows, I purchased what I believe to be the best roof top tent. After using other roof top tents I wanted something better. I wanted a tent that was easy to set up and take down and one that could withstand any weather condition. The BunduTop not only met my requirements but exceeded them. It takes about 30 seconds to setup and take down and withstands any weather condition that I encounter. It is comfortable and cozy for my wife and I. The price is way better than the competition. The BunduTop really enhanced our outdoor experience. "
Bill Erdkamp
BunduTop Owner

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