Why Choose Solar?

Our first segment in our solar power series. Cutting through the haze of why you should add solar to your rig.

In one hour, the earth receives more energy from the sun than the entire world uses in one day! With an energy source that substantial, no wonder the use of solar powered energy is cascading into the camping market. Even still, a lot of folks still have questions about solar power.

Here at BundutecUSA, we feel the pull of solar energy needs and we want to help educate hindered campers’ on why choosing solar power can make your trips to the outdoors even more enjoyable. In the following weeks, we are running a solar segment blog series that will include: Why choose solar, permanently mounted panels vs portable panels, how solar power hookup works, how much solar you need and why we choose ZAMP solar as our panel brand of choice.

This first segment covers “why choose solar power”. Every second, the sun produces enough energy to meet the current needs of the entire earth for 500,000 years! That is a lot of energy which is not currently being used as effectively as possible. BundutecUSA uses solar power to help campers harness this energy.

We also choose solar power because it gives you complete control of how self-reliant and off-grid you want to be in where you travel.

The addition of solar to any style of camping lets you stay out longer & get more remote without having to carry the weight of a generator or find a place to store it. After your initial purchase of solar power, running it to supply power for your camper will be FREE! That also means you will no longer have to carry extra fuel and worry about the maintenance of your generator.

Other than FREE after the initial setup, solar energy power doesn’t create any pollution and is therefore not harmful to the environment in any way. What better way enjoy the great outdoors than to give back by not polluting the air you are trying to enjoy.

Additional benefits also include, being easy to use! BundutecUSA uses the ZAMP solar systems which offer you easy plug and play setup as well as modern & simple solar controllers and readout displays.

The final benefit of solar we want to touch on is that solar energy helps to extend the average camper battery life. Typically, your camper battery will last 1-1/2 to 2 years. By adding solar you can increase that by 300% meaning your battery can last 6 to 8 years. This, in the broad spectrum makes maintaining your camper even more cost effective. Cutting the cost of replacing camper battery by at least half.

So…. Why chose solar? Here is a recap of the key benefits to adding solar to your camping needs:

  1. Let’s you be self-reliant and spend more time off-grid
  2. It is lighter and cheaper than a generator
  3. Gives you FREE long term use after initial setup costs
  4. They are easy to use
  5. They are good for the planet
  6. They can extend your camping battery life.

Look for our next segment which covers the difference between permanent mount panels and portable panels. We will also cover choosing which panel would be best for your adventure needs.

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  1. I didn’t realize that solar panels for caravans would be able to help increase the vehicle’s battery life as well as fuel all of the other gadgets and gizmos inside. That would be really nice if you were planning on an extended trip in the middle of nowhere and knew you wouldn’t be able to recharge. The fun wouldn’t have to stop in that case and your family could keep having a great time without worrying about anything!

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