MSRP $3,680


   135 Pounds



Standard Size Closed: 82" x 53" x 12"
Standard Size Open:  82" x 53" x 41-1/2"
Mattress Size: 78" x 49" x 4"
Standard Gear

All aluminum construction

Interior 12v winch motor and cables to raise and lower the roof

Anderson plug for easy connection

Made with Riptech Rip Stop canvas

Easy push button operation with jumper cable override points

Telescope aluminum ladder with canvas carrying bag

Dual zippered windows (entry point) on ALL  4 sides with rubber coated mesh  & Rip Stop solid panels

Self deployed & retracted rain fly on ALL  sides

Dual 12v & USB interior outlet

Center mounted LED light

Full 2 year product warranty

Fitting Your Tent At Home

Fitting your tent at home is easy but can be awkward, it is best to have 2 people for the easiest install

  1. When installing the tent, we advise that there is no more than a 20 inch unsupported overhang
  2. We also advise, that the roof rack / load bars should be no less than 50 inches long
    1. If installing on load bars use three evenly spaced supports
  3. The tent can be bolted with a minimum of 4, preferable 6 bolts
  4. You can run wiring from the dual battery system with the Anderson plug supplied through the vehicle or you can make an extension.
    1. If you are doing the wiring from your battery directly to the tent you will need the following:
      1. An Additional Anderson Plug
      2. 10 gauge wire
      3. 15amp In-line fuse (this is to prevent damage if you forget to open the latches
  5. Make sure you connect positive and negative correctly
Additional Good Informaiton

Here are some other good facts about the BunduTop

  • All you bedding can be kept in-tact, simple arrange the pillows so they do not get tangled in the ropes
  • How it works:
    • The tent's winch motor is connected to a series of ropes that run on bearings to effectively pull in the awnings and sides. The rope system inside is essentially paracorde rope snaked through various pulleys and arms, as well as the mechanisms for the awning to pull in the sides and awnings when the tent is shut
    • The arms and their unique design again assist with the lifting of the tent to ensure that is is rigid when open, essentially strengthening the construction. 
    • To Open:
      • Unclip ALL FOUR latches and ensure they are open before pressing the button to lift the tent
      • There is a limit switch that assists with telling the motor when to stop while lifting/lowering the tent
      • If you forget to unclip one of the latches the arm inside will bend. it is also the only way to damage the tent from the inside. It is easy enough to fix but best avoided and will not be covered by warranty

Watch the Video

Enjoy a walk thru video of the BunduKlein and some of the features our current demo has installed


Share your adventures

If you have photos of your own BunduKlein, we would love for you to share them with us

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