Experience ultimate adventure with the BunduTop tent! Get a complete 360-degree view from any side, and sleep comfortably cool inside with its maximum heat reflection feature, even under direct sunlight. The tent’s frame is built into the bottom, providing additional strength and versatility for mounting. You can easily bolt it directly to your load bars or roof rack. This tent has undergone extensive testing in various environments and weather conditions, ensuring its unmatched durability and reliability. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with the BunduTop tent!


  • Standard – 82 x 53 inches
  • King – 82 x 63 inches
  • Super King – 118 x 63 inches

Custom sizes available up to 116 inches long, 63 inches wide

The Standard tent weighs 160 lbs, and the ladder weighs 15 lbs making it a total of 176 lbs


Standard Tent – Base Price $4,510

King Tent – Base Price $5,193

Super King Tent – Base Price $5,650

What is included?

  • 50amp Anderson plug solar connection
  • 4″ high-density foam mattress
  • Interior 12v & dual USB outlets
  • Interior LED Center light
  • 2 interior mesh storage pockets
  • Double-sided aluminum slide ladder with carry bag
  • Interior circulation fan (standard Top with 1, King & Super King with 2)

Additional Add-ons

  • Additional interior circulation fan – $73.99 ea
  • 190W roof solar panel (controller not included) – $859.99
  • 380W roof solar panel (controller not included) -$1,639.99
  • 40amp MPPT Solar controller (not waterproof) – $195.99
  • 20Ft power cord with Anderson plug & ring terminals – $67.95
  • BunduAnnex – $654.99 / $829.99
  • BunduSuite – $662.99
  • BunduAwn-360 – $1,976
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FREE SHIPPING Included to anywhere in the lower 48!

Frequently asked questions

The tent is full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas. The tent seals completely when closed and gives a full dust/water proof seal.

We use a 300gsm Riptech canvas that is UV resistant to prevent fading. The wrap-around awning is at a 45 angle so that you can have ventilation in poor weather with maximum water deflection.

Our mesh is coated in a rubber compound making it extremely flexible and durable.

The roof of the BunduTop is raw aluminium sheet to ensure maximum heat reflection and is the main reason you can sleep more comfortably, cool inside even in direct sunlight.

The 2000lbs Winch Motor lifts and lowers the tent with the use of 3mm Dyneema Rope on a pulley system.

The foam backed roof-lining absorbs moisture and condensation but if you are going to extremely cold areas we do recommend putting a carpet as insulation under the mattress as very cold temperatures creates additional condensation.

The frame built into the bottom of the tent provides additional strength and makes it versatile to mount. It can be bolted directly to your load bars or roof rack.

Quick Tip: Taking care of your canvas is easy!Take a look at the tab stitched inside for instructions on how to properly care for your canvas.

Yes. It is not heavy, but it is an awkward shape and will need 2 people to handle.

Should you for some reason experience electrical failure the tent will be the least of your worries. (Those beers will be getting warm!)

Even so the tent has a manual override outside, situated right next to the buttons used to lift/lower the tent.

Electricity in the form of a Brad Harrison connection can be used to lift/lower the tent this way.
It came with your tent upon purchasing it. But:


This means that your tent WILL NOT KNOW WHEN TO STOP.

You HAVE to stop it lifting by removing the electrical flow as soon as the canvas is taut.

The same will apply when you lower it this way. When the tent is about 1 cm from being completely shut, remove the electrical flow.

You can simply pull down the roof the last centimeter and fasten the latches.

The only other faults we have experienced is the following:

  1. Tent does not go up or down:
    • Check that the electric cord to the tent has power (If the light goes on inside the tent then there is power)
    • Check that the connectors are not corroded (If the connectors are corroded it will not allow enough current through to drive the winch)
    • Use the electric override if all else fails.
  2. Tent opens but does not close:
    • Check the limit switch near the winch.
      The arm on the limit switch might bend over time and not make contact. Bend the arm a little bit down so that the switch makes contact when the belt is tight. When the tent closes and the belt gets slack the switch will disconnect and stop the winch.
    • Use the electric override if all else fails.
      The other main fault we have experienced is the customer accidentally forgetting to open the latches. The ropes should snap before any serious damage can be done, but we have had instances where the arms are bent. In this case you can either straighten out the arms after removing them or get replacements from the factory. You may have to replace the safety belt on the winch motor if the ropes damaged the edge of the belt.

It will still work.

The roof of the tent (which weighs +/- 20 kg) can be easily lifted by one person, who can crawl inside and wedge the corner arms in place. You may need a cable tie to tie them into that position. When you lower it the next morning gravity will step in and lower it
for you and the sides and awnings will still pull in.

The eyelets don’t wear well. The holes are actually burned into the canvas, because it’s the strongest way to make the holes. While eyelets make for a better finish, it does not make for a stronger one, and our research suggests that eyelets pose as a weak point and is generally where tears can originate.

This is caused by the crimping tool used to install the eyelet, causing it’s metal edges to essentially cut into the material it’s being installed in, weakening the material on those points.

This is simply a strengthening patch placed to ensure that your canvas is enforced on places that take more strain.

Apart from Fans, Solar Wiring, replacing your Cigarette Lighter Plug for a USB Plug and Stainless Steel supports, there aren’t any extras necessary.

Unfortunately, we don’t carry various stock, but if you would prefer a different mattress let us know when ordering and we will exclude the mattress that way you can source another mattress better suited to your needs. The maximum thickness allowable is 120mm.

You can add additional lights inside the tent when you place your order. Adding them at a later date will result in damaged roof-lining inside your tent.

Also note that the light situated inside is bright enough to read by and no additional lighting is necessary.

You can add fans inside the tent when you place your order.

Also note that the tent was designed to reflect heat away and the big windows allow maximum airflow, therefore adding a fan will improve airflow and is great in conditions where there is no wind.

You can definitely order a larger sized tent!

Please note that this severely affects the price as we have special extrusions that make up the shell of the tent. One extrusion equals one standard tent.

When we make a larger tent we charge for an additional length of extrusion as there will be off cuts which can’t be used again for another tent.

Yes and it depends on where the tent is mounted, if more forwards on the roof it will have a greater effect. There are also variances depending on your vehicle type + brackets.

BundutecUSA offers a 15-day return policy with the customer responsible for all return shipping charges and arrangements. Refunds will be subject to return shipment inspection by the BundutecUSA Staff. If any product has been damaged or pre-mounted, no return will be issued as it is not in its original condition. All accepted returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

All BunduTops are warranted for the original purchaser against defects in mechanics, material, and manufacturing for 1 year from the Original Date Of Purchase. A 2nd year is provided through BundutecUSA and covers repairs, not total replacement or swap. Warranty does NOT extend to normal wear and tear, including damage or cosmetic blemishes sustained during use. If the tent must be returned to BundutecUSA for inspection, repair, or replacement, the owner MUST assume the cost and liability of freight. Customers must also provide proof of purchase showing they are the original owner and the unit’s serial number. The warranty also does not include charges for shipping, crating, or taxes.

Yes, you may cancel an order (if it is not a custom order) at any time before shipment. Once the carrier has picked up an order, you must wait until the product is received and file a return with BundutecUSA. Note: shipping costs are non-refundable

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