Our awning, the BunduAwn, standard sizes are 96 inch, 108 inches and 116 inces, which is the length of the back plate.

You can order a custom sized awn of up to 157 inches long.

If you already have a BunduTop installed and want to mount your awning to the tent, you will purchase a 96 inches.

The top of the awn is covered with an aluminised spray which reflects heat away and we have found a 3-5 degree difference in temperature when tested.

The awning weighs about 44lb.

Open one side of the awning first, and then the second. Opening both at the same time will result in damage.

The 360 awn has been designed to not need support poles.

The L shapes ALL need an additional pole to strengthen the design.

We do, however, suggest that you tie the awning down or close it up in poor weather conditions or if you will be absent from your campsite.

The awning works with five to six arms which, when open, allows coverage of two or three sides of your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE that when using it for the first, time that the canvas can be stiff.

It gets coated with various resins to ensure its longevity and UV qualities, so when first operating the canvas has no “memory” of how to fold.

After a couple of uses, the canvas will evolve a “memory” of how to fold and the folding will become neater and easier as time passes.

The initial folding process will seem stiff but with time it will ease into its shape and fold neatly.

Please tie down the ropes in bad weather or when leaving the awn unattended.
Do not open both arms at the same time as this will result in damage.


Awnings RETAIL
2.45 BunduAwn $ 1515.00
2.95 BunduAwn $ 1590.00
2.45 Bundu”L” – NO SQUARE BACK + 1 pole $ 1540.00
2.95 Bundu”L” – NO SQUARE BACK + 1 pole $ 1620.00
2.45 Square Back L (Companion) + 1 pole $ 1565.00
2.95 Square Back L (Commander) + 1 pole $ 1640.00
2.45 BunduHalf $ 1390.00
Telescoping Support Pole $ 95.00
Aluminized Awning Triangle Extension $ 110.00
End Mesh Panel 125×84 $ 120.00
End Solid Panel 125×84 $ 160.00
2.45 Mesh Leading Edge Panel 99.6×84 $ 100.00
2.95 Mesh Leading Edge Panel 115×84 $ 105.00
“T” Awning Mount Bracket (Universal) $ 100.00
BunduTop Awning Mount Bracket $ 100.00
Truck Camper Awnign Mount Bracket $ 100.00


It boasts:

  • Manual operation
  • Shade awning around all three sides of the the vehicle.
  • Additional lifter arms add 500mm of drop for increased water runoff
  • Aluminized to reflect heat away
  • Cool even in direct sunlight
  • 96 inch, 108 inch and 116 inch options
  • Full aluminum construction
  • No hot air gets trapped underneath

This awning boasts a large surface area and custom lengths.



Our side panels are manufactured in 4 styles.

  • A Plain Canvas Side Panel
  • A Plain Canvas Side Panel with a window
  • A Canvas Side Panel with a door
  • A Mesh Side Panels

As extras on the Canvas Side Panels you can order a Window or a Door.

The Window is the same as what can be found in a standard BunduTop, with a mesh panel which can be zipped closed.
The Door is an upside down L shape that simply zips open.

PLEASE NOTE that our awns were not designed to be closed into rooms, so if you do intend to close up all sides of the awning you do need to purchase support poles for each arm to help carry the weight.

We also recommend tying the ropes down when you have installed the support poles to give the structure as much support as possible.

Various Profiles

The Standard 360

We call this awn the 360 because it wraps around your vehicle.

It comes in a 96 inch, 108 inch and 116 inch size.

Each arm has guy ropes to tie down in poor weather.

We HIGHLY recommend this profile, since the design works in triangles.

The forces spread over the triangle design gives it more rigidity and strength.

  • 96 inch fits Imagine Comfortvan
  • 116 inch fits Tuffcats Caravan

The Standard L-Shape 270

We call this awn the 270 L Shape because of its obvious shape.

It comes in a 96 inch, 108 inch and 116 inch size.

The front left arm has a support pole to give additional support since the triangular structure has been compromised.

Each arm has guy ropes to tie down in poor weather.

  • 96 inch fits Afrispoor Cheetah
  • 108 inch fits Conqueror Companion
  • 116 inch fits Conqueror Commander

The L-Shape 270 Square Back

We call this awn the 270 L Shape Square back because of its obvious shape.

It has an additional triangle stiched in to make it sqare at the back.

It comes in a 96 inch, 108 inch and 116 inch size.

The front left arm has a support pole to give additional support since the triangular structure has been compromised.

Each arm has guy ropes to tie down in poor weather.

  • 96 inch fits Afrispoor Cheetah


Half Wing (new, 4 arm version) Australia & USA Only 96 inch 42lb
L Shaped 96 inch + pole 96 inch 49lb
L Shaped 116 inch + pole 116 inch 53lb
L Shaped Squareback 108 inch (Companion) 108 inch 51lb
L Shaped Squareback 96 inch 96 inch 49lb
96 inch 360 (3 sided) 96 inch 51lb
116 inch 360 (3 sided) 116 inch 56lb

Pros & Cons


  • Aluminised coating reflects heat away
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Offers a huge surface area for more shade
  • Offers additional lifter arms for an increased angle that facilitates water run off.


  • You have to fold the awning correctly
  • They have to be tied down in  bad weather due to the large surface area



Your Bundutec BunduAwn is warranted for the original purchaser against defects in mechanics, material, and manufacturing for 2 years from the date of original purchase. BundutecUSA will repair or replace, if warranty is deemed, any defects during the warranty period.

This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or to damage or cosmetic blemishes sustained during use.

In the event the awning must be returned to BundutecUSA for inspection and repair/replacement, owner must assume the cost and liability of freight, proof of purchase date and serial number of the tent will be required.

This warranty does not include charges for shipping, crating, or taxes

How Tos

How does it work?

The awning works with five to six arms which, when open, allows coverage of 2 or 3 sides of your vehicle. The arms work in a triangular force which gives the awning more strength. By covering three sides the triangular structure is complete and gives additional structural support.

On the L Shape awns this triangular structure is absent, which is why you need to have a support pole.

When each arm is opened, another small arm situated on top of the main arm, pops up and provides additional height to the slope of the roof to give better water drainage and prevents large pockets of water collecting on top of your awning.

The bag of the awning, when open, closes the gap between your vehicle and the awning to prevent water running down the side of your vehicle. It is essentially a gutter while your awning is open.

Ensure the awn is taut for maximum water run off.

PLEASE NOTE that if you open the awning both arms should not be opened at the same time as this will result in damage. Open one arm and then the other. It does not matter which arm is opened first as long as they are not both opened at the same time.

When closing the awn it is better to fold the awn than to roll it as it then fits better in the bag and does not put unnecessary strain on the zip on the bag.

Also check that the lifter arms lower properly and does not hook on anything.

Our awnings have a one year mechanical warranty, which does not cover user error.

How do I fit the awning myself?

When installing the awning, we advise that there is no more than a 1.64ft unsupported overhang.

You can order brackets with your awn order. They have been made longer than necessary so that you can adjust the height of your awning.

When installing the awning make sure that you have support running from the ends of the awning if the mounting brackets are further than 19.7in from the ends of the awning.

Regular Fitment:

Fit your T brackets to your vehicle. Fit the awning to the brackets. The awning can be bolted on with a minimum of 4, preferably 6 bolts.

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Regular Fitmet


Flexible Fitment:

When doing a fitment for a more flexible awn:

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Flexible Fitmet

On longer awnings, or awnings mounted to both a cab and a canopy the brackets need to be able to flex more due to the cab and the canopy flexing independently.

We also recommend fitting flexible brackets on custom longer length awns to accommodate more flexibility.

Installing the Awn:

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Fit bracket onto roofrack

  • Fit your brackets to your vehicle.
  • Fit the awning to the brackets.
  • The awning can be bolted on with a minimum of 4 (on the flexible brackets), preferably 6 bolts.

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Bolt awning to bracket

  • Arms should be more or less 90° with your roofrack.
  • Hook the lead rope onto your roofrack and tighten at the cam buckle.

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Hook onto Roofrack


  • Open the other arm of your awning and again hook onto roof rack and tighten at cam buckle.
  • The canvas of the awning essentially becomes part of the structure, so a taut awning is advised.

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Both webbing straps

  • We advise tying the awning down in bad weather.

BunduTec-BunduAwn-Tie down the arms

  • When adding tent poles, drill a hole at the tip of the arm to slot the top of the arm in.

To close the awning follow the opening procedure in reverse.

The better you fold the canvas, the easier it will be to close the zip. Fold the first arm UNDER the canvas so that the 2 arms are flush with the backing plate.

The fitment procedure for our awnings are all the same, so should your awn look different than the one in the manual please note that the same principles apply.

Quick Tip: FOLD the canvas rather than rolling It up as this makes It easier to zip the bag closed.

Fitting the awning to a BunduTop

The brackets to mount to a BunduTop differs from the brackets used for other fitments.

Apart from this difference the mounting procedure is exactly the same.

ONLY 8.04ft awnings can be mounted onto the BunduTop.

The 9.68ft awning will have too much of an overhang.

BunduTec-BunduAwn on BunduTop


My awning seems flimsy, especially the L-shape?

The awning is manufactured to be flexible. If it seems flimsy, tighten the lead ropes until it is taut.
The arms can overcam slightly to ensure that you can tighten it to tautness

The guy on the video closes it really fast, I can't seem to close my awning that easily?

The guy on the video is very tall. After a few practice runs you should be able to close it just as fast. The trick to closing the BunduAwn is that the arm should go UNDER the canvas.

You will see when he has lined up the arms from one side he lifts the bulk of the canvas over it, and repeats with the other side. This way the arms of the awning are flush with the back plate.

After that it is as simple as FOLDING up the canvas (rather than rolling, which makes it bulky in the bag) and strapping it down firmly before closing the bag.

What is it made from?

The awning is full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas with a reflective surface.

Can I fit the awning myself?


It is not heavy but it is an awkward shape and will need 2 people to handle.

Can it be fitted to my caravan or off road trailer like on the pictures on the website?

It can absolutely be fitted to any vehicle. We do advise that if you have it fitted to either a caravan or off road trailer that you arrange to have their agents do the fitment. This is because the various caravans/trailers have different internal structures.

It will be best to discuss the fitment with them as they are aware where the trailer/caravan has load bearing structural support etc.

I measured my roof rack and I need a size in-between?

The 96 inchand the 116 inch awns cover most vehicle types. You can choose either one to best suit your needs.

The BunduAwn doesn't have supporting poles, can you provide me with some when I place my order?

Since introducing new profiles we have added extendable poles to our products list.

Should you need to order additional tent poles you are welcome to contact us.

Can I add additional patched/loops and D-rings to strengthen my awning?

Adding any additional strengtheners are not necessary. Our products are designed to be lightweight but strong and durable and we offer services and repairs for your product for years to come.

I don’t like the color of the awning, can I order another color?

Unfortunately we don’t carry various stock. We have decided on manufacturing the awning a Olive Green and Sand only as most camping gear which utilizes canvas also comes in these colors.

This way the awning color will be the same as all the other canvas products you may
already have. The top of the material is also sprayed with an aluminised paint which directly reflects sunlight away.

Will the shape of the awning affect my fuel consumption?

If it does it is indiscernible. We have not noticed any increase in fuel consumption over various vehicle types.

My awning bag isn’t closing properly, it is too small.

The awn bag has been designed to be very snug – this reduces the amount of friction on the awn inside and will ensure that it lasts longer.
Do not force the lifter arms into a flat position as this will cause damage in the long run. By using the correct folding method the lifter arms will still protrude a little at the top.
When you close the bag it will fold them down further (but not flat) without causing damage.

Is the awning watertight?

Your seams will “leak” the first time your awning is used as the first rain will allow the seam stitching to swell into place. When made, a seam sealer is used to make them watertight. If your awning is not pulled tight and water pools in an area it can form a pocket and cause dripping as the pocket will stretch the seams. To help with sealing before your first trip out you can open the awning and spray it with a garden hose to swell the seams and fully activate the seam sealer.