BASE PRICE: $ 24,925

Built to Fit

  • 3/4 Ton Trucks
  • 6-1/2′ or 8′ box
BunduCamp FloorPlan



Floor Length: 98”
Overall Length:164”
Overall Width: 84”
Interior Open Height: 80”
Interior Closed Height: 60”


Bed Size: Queen
Fresh Water: 30 Gallons
Grey Water:   10 Gallons
Cassette Grey: 4.75 Gallons

Standard Equipment

4-Post Electric Roof Jacks 4-Corner Exterior Mechanical Jacks
4.3 Cubic Foot 12v Compressor Fridge 25-Amp Converter
MaxxAir Roof Vent ALL LED Lighting
Wired for Zamp Portable Solar 12v & USB Outlets
GFCI Protected Outlet Volt MEter
30-Amp Power Cord with Adapter 7-Way RV Plug
Single Stainless Steel Sink Truma Combi Eco (Water Heater & Furnace)
Swivel Cassette Toilet Pressurized Water System
36-Gallon Fresh Water Tank 17-Gallon Gray Water Holding Tank
Exterior Shower / Docking Station Gravity Water Fill
2 Burner Stove 20-LB Upright LP Bottle with Regulator
Aluminum Siding Fiberglass Nose
North/South Cabover Insulated Windows with Built-In Screen & Shade
Memory Foam Queen Sized Mattress Lift-Up Under Bed Storage
Folding Entry Door Assist Handle Entry Door with Screen, Deadbolt & Tinted Window
Locking Exterior Storage G27 Led/Acid Battery with Tray


(must be on your order before production starts)

Title Weight Price
1 Glass Top Sink (11) $160
4 Lagun Table Leg - $270
5 Overhead Cabinets with Netting (36) $290
7 Insulated Skylight - $260
8 Lithium Charging Converter (1) $175
9 3K Watt Inverter with Switch (20) $870
10 Rear Wall Air Conditioner (50) $480
12 170-Watt Roof Solar Package (25) $757
13 340-Watt Roof Solar Package (50) $1,375
14 Pre-wire Exterior Electric Jacks (7) $160
15 Wireless Exterior Electric Jacks (31) $1,040
16 Dual G27 Led/Acid Batteries (55) $350
17 Factory Prep with Torklift Tiedowns & Fastguns - $1,820
18 Factory Prep WITHOUT Tiedowns or Fastguns - $450


(Can be added during or after build)

Title Weight Price
A Glass Top Stove Cover (3) $40
B Reflective Tent Panels (5) $525
C Bunk Ladder (5) $80
D USB Flex TV Antenna (1) $75
E TV Mount with 12v Hook-Up - -
F Porta Potti (11) $195
G Exterior Aluminum Storage Box 16x16x10 (11) $460
H Exterior Privacy / Shower Enclosure (14) $420
I QuickPitch TraxTab with Aluminum Brackets (27) $560
J 2-Bar Roof Rack with Ladder (23) $445
K 3-Bar Roof Rack with Ladder (31) $610
L Single RotoPax Mount (4) $40
M 3-Step Adjustable EasyHitch Step (29) $409
N 4-Step Torklift Glow Scissor Step (25) $350
O 5-Step Torklift Glow Scissor Step (31) $404
P 6′ 6″ F65 Fiamma Eagle Manual Awning (33) $970
Q 8′ Carefree Crank-Out Awning (49) $1,020
R 8′ BunduHalf 90-Degree Awning (42) $1,390
S 8′ BunduEl 270-Degree Awning (49) $1,540


Do I need additional insurance for my truck camper?

Most states do not require separate RV insurance since the truck camper is considered part of the truck itself, and can be an addition to the policy. Be sure to check you state laws.

What about registration and title?

At present, eight states require the slide-in truck camper to be registered with their motor vehicle department; Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington.

The states that require you to title your truck camper differs, in some cases, from the states that require registration. At present, there are eleven states that require you to title your truck camper. Every slide-in truck camper manufacturer will create a Certificate of Origin when they build a truck camper. The camper’s VIN or an equivalent identification number will be on this form. This will be signed over to you when you purchase your truck camper. This certificate is used just like a title if you ever decide to sell your truck camper. States that require a title; Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.

How are taxes handled?

BundutecUSA does not charge sales tax. You, as the customer, are required to register with taxes and titles within your home state.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Your camper should be tailored to you, and sometimes a cookie cutter camper just doesn’t fit your needs. We will work with you to make sure you are as excited about going on new adventures as we are!

How do we order a camper?

We are a factory direct business so there are no hoops to jump through. Give us an email with what you are looking for along with what options you think you’d like, and then one of us will contact you to start the process of ordering.

Do you make flatbed campers?

Yes we do!

How do I store my truck camper?

How you store it is completely up to you, as long as there is a level area with a hard surface to place the camper jacks. Storage solutions range from using dollies, cinder blocks, saw horses and other support structures. Many just put the camper low to the ground, with no underbelly support. Others keep the camper on the truck. It depends on your personal preference.

Can I still tow a boat when using a truck camper?

Yes you can. Using a truck camper usually does not cover the hitch. Just remember to have a Y plug to power both the camper and the tow.

Do you offer a cold weather package for the campers?

For our Pop Top campers, we have an option called Arctic Pack Insulation Panels.

Can we tour your factory?

Yes you can, we love meeting our clients and showing them around! Give us a call and we can schedule a tour in for you.

How do we get our camper shipped to us?

We are a factory direct business, which means we do not use dealers or ship out any of our campers. We do this to make sure the installation is done properly and to give a tour of your camper. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any instructions or demonstrations we need to do during the installation. It also keeps cost down a little bit more.

How much weight can my truck safely haul?

Cargo capacity or GVWR can be found on the driver’s side door or may be listed in the glove box.  The cargo capacity is the weight you can haul. The GVWR is the total weight, so you will have to subtract the weight of the truck from the GVWR and that will give you the cargo capacity.  The weight listed on the camper is with the water tank and LP full. If it says “Dry Weight”, that is the weight without water or LP. Everything being carried in your truck should be below the truck’s rated cargo capacity. This includes all passengers, gear, and your fully loaded truck camper.