Available In: 2 Sizes

8' ~ $1,360

9' 6" ~ $1,410


8' Length: 30 Pounds
Projection on each side: 7' 6"

Video coming soon so please keep checking back!

Standard Gear

All aluminum construction

270 Degree of Coverage

Fully Self Supported

Zippered cover acts as a rain gutter to shed water away onto the roof

Made with Riptech300 Material

Aluminised resin to reflect heat away (Stay 11-15 degrees cooler under the awning)

Self deployed & retracted tilt to help shed water

Full 2 year product warranty

Fitting Your Awning At Home

Fitting your awning at home is easy and will take about 1 hour

  1. We advise there is no more than 20 inches of unsupported overhang
  2. The awning should be secured with a minimum of 4 bolts, but preferably 6
    1. We recommend that you pre-drill the 2 holes into each end to help make mounting it smoother.
    2. Once you have the ends pre-drilled to match your brackets it is best to secure one end at a time, then you can drill your center holes and tighten all bolts accordingly.
  3. Some Roof racks have brackets that come as an attachment, Gobi Rack has specifically designed a mounting bracket for the BunduAwn. Please check with your dealer to see if the brackets will need to be modified before mounting to your vehicle. 
Additional Good Informaiton

Here are some other good facts about your BunduAwn

  • Does it need support poles?
    • The awning has a rope on each of its arms that can be tied down to give additional support. Poles themselves are not needed, you are welcome to add them should you wish.
  • Are side panels available?
    • YES! We currently offer a screen panel as well as a solid panel for privacy to cover the wing ends of the awning.
    • Each panel attached to the awning via the Velcro strip already installed on your awning. Additionally, panels can be joined together by a zipper located on each end as well.
    • If you plan to use multiple panels together we advise you purchase support poles to help with load bearing.
  • How it works:
    • The awning works with 4 arms which, when open, allows coverage of 270 degrees. 
    • The arms work in a triangular force which gives the awning more strength. 
    • When each arm is opened another small arm situated on top of the main arm pops up and provides additional height (14") to the slope of the roof to give better water drainage and prevents large pockets of water from collecting on top of your awning. 
    • The bag of the awning, when open, closes the gap between your vehicle or trailer and the awning to prevent water running down the side of your vehicle. It is essentially a gutter while your awning is open.
    • To Open:
      • Unzip your awning and push the cover behind
      • Disconnect the gator clip straps that secure the awning into place when in the travel position
      • There will be a strap with a "J" hook on the end, use this strap to slowly walk the awning around the vehicle and secure it into place (you may use eye bolts if you do not have a good connection point on the driver side of your vehicle to attache it to)
      • Return to the passenger side of the vehicle, take the other "J" Hook and repeat the step above.
      • Once both "J" Hooks have been secured, use the straps to tighten the awning. You want them as taunt as possible in order to help secure the structure of the awning and give it the strength it needs to be self supported. 
    • To Close:
      • For best results, only close 1 side at a time. Closing both sides at the same time will result in damage and will not be covered under warranty
      • Loosen the "J" hook from its attachment point on the driver side of the vehicle, use this to help walk the awning around to the passenger side.
      • When you get to the passenger side, take the loose fabric closest to the awning back plate and fold it over the awning arms you are swinging around. (this will ensure you get the arms tight against the back plate and will fold better for travel) 
      • Once the step above is completed, return to the driver side and loosen the "J" hook from its attachment point, use that to swing this side of the awning around to lay flat against the other side which is already in place.
      • Once you have the arms against the back plate, fold the remaining fabric up into about 12" sections. Once it is folded to be in line with the back plate, use the gator clips and straps attached to the awning plate to secure the fabric in place.
      • Once the fabric is secured in place pull the awning cover over and zip it shut
    • You can also see the video above for a visual of opening and closing the awning as well. Please note: It may take you 1 or 2 times to get the hang of closing the awning but don't worry you will get it and it will be a BREEZE! 

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