Available in Three Sizes

Standard 53 x 82-                      $3,680

King 63 x 82-                               $4,600 

Super King 63 x 118-                 $4,700


168 lbs


BunduTop is standard at 53” x 82”

It boasts:

• Full electric operation

• Shade awning around all four sides of the tent

• Tent fully erect, with awnings in 30 seconds

• Tent fully closed, all sides and awnings folded away automatically in 30 seconds

• All this at the press of a button

• 12” closed

• 39” opened

• Window covers zip open/closed from the inside

• Insulated roof inside – no condensation

• All aluminium construction

Includes: Solar Wiring, 4” High Density Foam Mattress, 12V Outlet inside, LED Light inside and an all Aluminium construction ladder.


                                           We include a grey anderson plug.

                                  Cable and mounting hardware NOT PROVIDED.


90 Watt Portable SLIM Panel - $699

140 Watt Portable Suitcase Solar - $864

170 Watt Roof Solar w/Interior Controls - $986

Factory Insalled Interior Fan - $70

Clip On USB Variable Speed Fan - $24

Add A Room Canopy - $625

Drop Down Privacy Panel for Add A Room- $170

Grey Anderson Plug Pigtail for Tent 20ft - $96

Red Anderson Plug Pigtail for Awning 20ft - $90

Wing Screen Panel - $140

Wing Privacy Panel - $140

8' Screen Panel - $135

8' Privacy Panel - $135

10' Screen Panel - $155

10' Privacy Panel - $155

Telescoping Aluminum Ladder - $70


How does it work?

     The tent has a winch inside that lifts and lowers it. It is connected to ropes that run on bearings to effectively pull in the awnings and sides. The rope system inside is essentially dyneema plasma rope snaked through various pulleys and arms, as well as the mechanisms for the awning to pull in the sides and awnings when the tent is shut. The arm and their unique design again assist with the lifting of the tent and ensures that it is rigid when open, essentially strengthening the structure.

     Unclip ALL FOUR latches and ensure that they are open before pressing the button to lift the tent. Should you forget to unclip on the latches, the arm inside will bend. It is the only way to damage the tent from the inside. It is easy enough to fix, but best avoided. 

     Our tent has a 1-year mechanical warranty.

Can I add extras?

     Apart from solar wiring and stainless steel supports, there aren’t any need for extras.

Can you provide a thicker mattress?

     Unfortunately,  we don’t carry various stock, but if you prefer a different mattress, let us know when ordering and we will exclude the mattress. That way you can source one that better suites you.

Will the shape of the tent affect my fuel consumption?

     We have not noticed any increase in fuel consumption in various vehicle types.

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